Monday, March 20, 2017



So hye back everyone! As you all know, like obviously trending number one in Malaysia. The result was out on 16/3/2017. Seriously, on that day i can't describe what my feeling was. The day before I just wanted to distract my attention on the result by watching all cartoon, animated movies! I literally watched like 4-5 movies just to calm and relax my mind.

Okay, when the day came, I leave it all to Allah. I knew I've done my best in spm even though all the formats were changing the day 99's batch sit for spm. Like seriously, there were lots of drama going on during spm. For example, no kbat for sejarah, the messed up addmaths questions, and also not to mention about Sneha.

Okay, enough with that. I went to seseri by car i mean my bro as the driver since i didn't get car license yet and i'll not drive even i have one. HAHAHAH, Not funny. On the way, it was not really tense because the song played on the radio were all good! The Shape Of You, Rockabye, Segalanya, etc. Then, I arrived. 

The result was announced like SO LATE. They said like 10.30 dah boleh announce. Of course all the analysis and the slides must be prepared first right, maybe  thats the reason kot. But nearly 12.00 like 11.30 i think, then the result was announced. AKU PUNYA KETAQ TAK TAHULA NAK CAKAP APA! Because i was in the first class and i was the third person on the lists so if the teacher skipped my name and announced the fourth name, IM DEAD. At first, amirah hanisah then farah aqilah. My heart was beating as fast as lightning as it would explode and until the level that I just hug Fathiah and closed my eyes. Hoping for the best.

And Alhamdulillah i made it. I was so glad that all my deksmates got straight A's that makes me so damn happy! In class, the arrangement of the tables was like macam a few groups because kementerian wanted the 21st class century right. So, in the class we have a total of 5 groups of tables. And my group was the noisiest and naughtiest group ever. We tend to laugh a lot!

Then, when the midyear examination result was out, every group had 1-2 representatives who got straight A's for the exam but my group didn't have any. So, at that time we realized our mistakes so we just like "okay, from now on we have to work hard" #acahsikit

Deskmates tercinta!

Okay, so boleh la mohon scholarships available. Actually i am waiting for MARA scholarships as i am so disappointed right now because jpa-mara doesn't offer any medic program this year. :((((

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