DIY (Do It Yourself)

Time for DIY! You know, sometimes kita kena juga berjimat cermat. Like seriously, diy things can save your money like crazy! For example, bow yang berharga RM 40.00, korang boleh adjust jadi lebih kurang RM 10.00 bergantung material yang engkorang pakai. In addition, you can make your own pattern of bow as well! A big savings!
So, I'm not doing it yet though. But I will post it later. Kalau korang tengok ni belum ada lagi link, hm wait ya! Diy things are so cute depends on what your creativity can do!
Wait for the next update!
Xoxo, Farah.

First DIY!

Okay this is the perfect time for me to update this page. Haha, LONG TIME NO SEE AAA

Second DIY! Yeayers.

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