Sunday, August 3, 2014

Instead of our mother tongue's

Oh hello, assalamualaikum.
Today, I wanna talk in English em excuse write in english ops type in english just to make sure my English will improve later, ya five minutes later.

Em, okay started when I opened Youtube, and I search for Asyura Hatta's channel. Ugh eventhough I did not find her channel. Private. Whyyy. Haha but its okay as I ended up watching Nadira Nordin's channel a.k.a asyura's bestfriend. They were so funny. So, after I watched her video, I scroll down that page and I found something. It was :

"Adibah Bahiyah Awang - Accents Schmaccents"

hahahahah. and i watched that video and suddenly my hair around my bodehhh just rise. HAHAHA i dont know whether it is the right word to describe it but i dun careee. Her accent is just perfect. Haha eventhough I dont know whether it is american or something else accent. But the way she talk is just perfect. and it reminds me of Bethany Mota. Yahh. 

Hahaha then I watched her in RTM 1 or MHI i dun know. I dont remember.

Okay, and and and then, that video brought me to Aiman Azlan's video.


Ala ala macam tu lah tajuk dia. And what he said was exposure and practise. That is the two main thing. And the video brought me here. HAHAHA. Now you know why asal tetiba buang tabiat type in english kan? Padahal memang selalu type english. Haha. Okay. 
So check it out!
Chect that video out! 

HERE - Adibah Awang

HERE - Aiman Azlan

Okay bai.