Tuesday, February 14, 2017


life is hard.
Maybe some of you were born with a silver spoon in your mouth but some were not. So, life is tough. You cannot blame others for what had happened in your entire life and trust me keep pointing to other's problems is not a good thing. You have to stand by yourselves. Keep fighting and do not layan any negative comments or negative opinions people give to you. Just care about yourself cuz at the end of the day you will be the one who rides your own boat, not even your parents not even your friends.

Trusting people is good, but stop being naive. You know, you have to be independent and know what you're aiming in your life. Do not have one? You better create one. Its like your target la, like you have your arrows but you don't have any targets and how can you shoot? and shoot accurately to your target? It will just be a pointless shoot. Do create one. If you are not sure about your ambition, your dream, your aim. Just create one. TRUST ME, its better to have one than nothing. Know your capability. Please don't choose a dream that is too high for you to achieve at the current time. For example, you are only 7 years old and your aim is to bring you parents travelling around the world. NONSENSE. Try to think something that is sekufu with your age. Aiming to be the best student in school, target maths 100%.

"let them dream" "maybe one day it will come true" 

I dont say its wrong to dream high. But if you set your goals too high, im afraid you will see the target/goal as a very difficult thing and impossible thing and at last you give up. Right?
Everyone has their own story. You know, i was sitting on the bench in front of a cafe. One by one person came out from the cafe and i just kind of thought that "how is your life going?" 
So, if you think you want to give up. Please, turn back to Allah. Whatever it is, how busy your life is, make sure to read Al-Quran. NEVER MISS SOLAT. Now, you can read them in your phone, your laptop. One page for a day is enough. One ayat for a day is enough too. Never forget Allah. Remember how passionate is your mother's love? She will never let anything bad happened to you. She loves you more than anyone else. She will not be able to sleep if you are in trouble. SHE LOVES YOU PASSIONATELY.

Because of what? She's giving birth to you. She's carrying you for 9 months in her belly. She feels you in every inch of blood in her veins. 

That is mother. But how about ALLAH? Allah creates you. Allah arranges your life. Allah see you 24/7 without fail. Allah knows everything about you. More than your mother. More than anything else. Compare the love. Allah is 70 times loves you more than your mother! So what are you waiting for, Allah is waiting for you. He loves you! Keep praying to Him. If you have problems, go talk to Him. Express everything to your Creator. Let it out. Let it out.
I hope this post benefits you. I really hope. Because i'm writing this to myself.